Founded in 2013 by Mohit Bhatia who is the Choreographer, Artistic Director and Founder of Mozaic Entertainment. The company is designed to meet the needs of the ever changing social world combining artistic vision with practical prowess to achieve the best.


It is an entertainment company providing the best wedding and corporate choreography services. We design the Sangeet, Flash Mobs and Annual Meets with innovative concepts, themes and ideas. We specialise in choreographing with the latest trends, also providing you with themes and scripts suggestions which would bring out the different styles of celebrations when it comes to wedding.


Annual Meets, the gala event of the year which mesmerizes one and all because of the sheer excitement and celebrations which are usually associated with the employees of the company. We craft the acts "for the employees and by the employees" of the company adding fun in the monotonous nine-to-five life and creating a different ambience to the workplace.


Whether it is the weddings or the corporate companies, we have always believed in placing our best work forward in every endeavour to create unparalleled and remarkable experience.


We are partly the answer to the demands of the social world on the working family, heavily burdened offices, out-of-town (destination) occasions, or any special occasion in the need of distinctive recognition conveyed through dance.


We understand the needs and strive to accomplish the goals. We believe, "We can make your celebrations grander!!!"